Mission Summary 2006

Summary – Missions Trips ’06

We worked in Kenya, Malawi, and Mozambique, Africa.


Approximately 2500 pastors and wives attended the  14 different seminars which varied from  2 to 4 days each.


God provided for 1500 Study Bibles to be given to pastors, wives, or leaders.

In Malawi and Mozambique we taught over 100 hours of Bible teaching.

Many people accepted Jesus as their Savior at meetings or in churches where we spoke!

We gave gifts at each seminar like neck ties, writing pens, a framedable poem on the family in their language, women’s scarves, etc.

80,000 pages of copied Bible Study materials were given to those attending seminars.

We were privileged to speak or have interviews on radio and television for two and one half hours that covered approximately one fourth of the nation of Kenya.

God provided many good Christian books and literature that was given out.

“Not to us, O Lord,
not to us but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.”
Psalm 115.1

We are abundantly blessed and privileged to know and serve our wonderful Lord Jesus. It has been a venture of faith to see him provide for the work He wants done. His great love for even the most insignificant one of us is awesome. We are the apple of His eye. What a joy to be on mission with Him to the outer regions of this world.

Deanna and Duane
Ministry in The Outer Regions

Malawi/Mozambique 2006

December 5, 2007

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2. 8-11


We have just returned from Malawi and Mozambique, the warm heart of Africa, to the warm hearts of family and friends of America. It seems that we relate more to the poor shepherds and those living the simple life because of the abject poverty and needs we were encompassed with in Africa. How beautiful that God sent Jesus to be the good news for all people. As briefly as possible we want to share with you the beautiful way God touched and blessed the precious people of Malawi and Mozambique these past 7 weeks.

Before we begin sharing let us first say thank you from the depths of our hearts for your faithful prayers and support during this mission. The opposition and spiritual warfare was extremely strong but we saw God’s victorious power at work in behalf of His Word in so many ways. We stayed healthy and strong physically and know that is because you were praying. Together we will know all God did when we get to heaven.

Our trip over was not uneventful because of two plane problems but we saw God’s hand in it as we were able to get there on time and our luggage arrived with us with the overhead projector in tact. We landed facing problems with the translations not being completed and delays in printing but proceeded trusting God. Immediately we saw that purchasing Bibles in the Chichewa language was not going to be easy because even the missionaries on the field there were waiting until 2007 to receive their orders. We prayed and persisted. GOD DID A MIRACLE AND PROVIDED EVEN BETTER BIBLES AT A GREAT PRICE IN THEIR LANGUAGE! The only problems was that we had to transport them with us everywhere we went and that was over 40 boxes of Bibles plus 6 suitcases plus about 14 boxes of printed Bible study materials.

All together we traveled over 50 hours by minivan to all the different areas where we held seminars. Praise God! The roads were very good but our greatest challenge was reliable vehicles. It seemed that every vehicle we used had to be pushed to be started and had bad tires and engine problems. Consequently we had to travel with a driver, a conductor (who pushed to start), and an on board mechanic as well as all our Bibles and boxes plus a few other pastors. Fuel was scarce and expensive and there were police checks on the roads every few miles. It seemed like every trip completed was a miracle in itself and we were grateful for safety.
The statistician in Duane remains an asset to the ministry so let us share some stats with you which reflect the magnitude of the ministry.

*There were  2,721 people (mostly pastors, evangelists, and wives) who attended the Bible Teaching Seminars in the  6 locations.

*We were able to purchase 970 Bibles in 3 languages (English, Chichewa, and Portuguese) and distributed them to those who did not have Bibles.

*We photocopied and distributed 54,900 pages of Bible study materials.

*We were able to teach over 100 hours of Bible material on different subjects without any problems. The overhead projector worked great!

*Because of the kindness of Larry and Frances Jones who donated them we gave 250 Christian books, and 4500 tracts, and Bible Study Booklets.

*At each day of Bible Seminars we gave men’s ties and women’s scarves, plus pens, and miscellaneous gifts. (We could use some good used scarves and ties for the next Trip).

*Each person who attended a day long seminar received food for 1 meal.

*Some transportation and accommodations were provided for those who traveled long Distances.

One pastor attended two days of the seminar but had to miss the last day because he had to preach a funeral. He came the next day to get his Bible. He had to wait all day because of other meetings that were going on but was finally given one. He was so grateful.

Perhaps the most sacred of all times was just before we were to give out the Bibles. There would be a holy silence come over the whole crowd. At first we did not understand but later we did. You see the Christians were about to receive what they would consider their most cherished and prized possession. It would probably be the only one they would receive for their whole lifetime. It would mean they could now read the Bible to their children and share with others. It was so beautiful to see their expressions of gratitude and joy. It was awesome to know that you and we were a part of God’s divine will in some of the most remote and impoverished areas of the whole world and that His Divine Word would bring light and righteousness to dispel the darkness and evil.


Words seem totally inadequate to describe what we think God wants you to know about this mission endeavor so allow us to just share some things with you and maybe the Holy Spirit can give you what He wants you to see and know.
*Small children and women carrying large containers of water on their heads to their homes.

*People scampering to pick up the empty bottle you threw from the car window.

*Pastor’s who were crippled and wearing no shoes.

*Pastor sitting 3 days at a Bible seminar on hard wooden benches with a high fever from an attack of malaria not daring to leave lest he not receive Bible study materials and a Bible.

*Eating stewed goat intestines and chicken livers and gizzards with our hands at Lunch with the pastor’s and wives.

*Seeing witchdoctors with evil masks and animal skin clothes everyday along the road wondering about their spiritual agenda.

*Women cooking to feed hundreds of people over an open wood fire.

*People preparing their gardens with a crude hoe waiting for the rains to come so they would be able to survive.

*Mothers nursing babies and sitting 7 or 8 hours for 3 or 4 days learning from God’s Word without even a hint of complaining. (Babies napping on the concrete floor.)

*People thanking God for remembering them and their desire for spiritual growth.

*Pastor giving a Bible to a 12 year old orphan who had become a new believer but would never have been able to purchase one of their own.

*The humble but joyous look in the eyes of new believers in Jesus.


After seeking the Lord’s guidance, we feel led to combine working in Kenya and Uganda on the same trip to save flight expense. We are still working on final dates but project working in Kenya in late April and May and then in Uganda in May and June.
We have driven from Kenya into Uganda before. We may have to take a short flight up to the West Nile region of Uganda if travel by car is not safe. The pastors there are already excited about what God is going to do.

In September/October we plan on working in Central America at the invitation of pastors there. At this time we are not sure how many different areas we will reach on this mission but are following the Lord’s leading.

One reason we mention next years work is because some of you may want to give before the end of the year to these projects or for the purchase of Bibles for those in these countries who have no Bible. Thanks to many of you there are around 1500 people in Kenya, Malawi, and Mozambique reading the Christmas story from their own Bibles for the first time this Christmas. WHAT A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GIFT YOU GAVE!

Isaiah 12.4 says, “Give thanks to the Lord, call on His Name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His Name is exalted.” That is what we have tried to do through this letter. Through MINTOR MINISTRY you have reached out to those who desperately want and need God’s Word. May you truly feel the joy and satisfaction in your heart that you have responded to God’s leading and opened your heart to help those whom the Lord loves dearly.

We pray you and your families have a blessed and worshipful Christmas.


Ministering His Love and His Word to the Outer Regions,

Deanna and Duane Hunt


Kenya-Summer 2006


“When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

Pastors receiving Bibles

To M.I.N.T.O.R. Ministry Partners:

We are praising our Sovereign Lord for His faithfulness and love both to us and to the beautiful believers in Kenya, East Africa! It was awesome to witness the unfolding of God’s plan and vision for this ministry. Truly the foundations of the Kenyan society are being destroyed and families lie in ruin. The churches are desperate for answers and hope. Over and over we heard statements like, “The teaching of this ministry is God’s timing for us.” and “I’ve been praying for a Bible for two years and God has answered through this ministry.” This trip confirmed the great need for both Bibles and the teaching of the Word. God used your prayers, financial support and provision of Bibles to bring much joy into the lives of many believers. Psalm 19:7-8 describes it this way, “The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple. The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.” How exciting it was to see the light coming into their eyes as the Holy Spirit revealed truth to dispel the darkness of African tribal traditions which have plagued the people for centuries. Then to hear the pastors commit to going back to their churches to teach these truths was so encouraging. Each pastor was able to take back with him a syllabus of all materials taught in a language he understood. Altogether we taught 8 different seminars, 6 locations, to 1,467 different pastors, pastor’s wives, and church leaders. Bibles were distributed through pastors in each of these locations to those without Bibles or whose Bibles had worn out.


God went before us by leading us to work with a young man, Bjorn Kamau, who knew the best and cheapest photocopying place. We were able to print 30,000 copies for an unbelievable price and they collated and stapled free. After shopping for Bibles we purchased Bibles in 3 languages from three different places for a 20% discount. At the advice of one of our coordinators, God led us to purchase some study Bibles and 3 Amplified Bibles for pastors. When we left for Nyeri we had 14 boxes and 6 suitcases. While in Nairobi, we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary.
NYERI SEMINARSThe first two days were with 42 Baptist pastors and a few wives at Nyeri Baptist Church. We taught the basic “God’s Family Plan”. One highlight was when the pastor received the Study Bible by lot; he jumped up in the air, did a 360 degree turn, shouted, and danced in praise to God as he came to receive his Bible.

After one day off, we traveled to a remote area near the foot of Mt. Kenya called Kabaru. When driving there the driver said this is the end of the road and then drove 1 hour more. Again we taught the basic family seminar to over 200 pastors and leaders. The church was so simple with dirt floors but the people were so hungry for the Word. Again God did a special work as the pastor who received the study Bible had walked 10 miles one way to come. A smile never left his face as he cherished the Bible! All the people were so thankful for the written Bible Study materials. We also gave at each seminar hundreds of framable prints of a Family poem representing the teaching.

The next two days we went to a region called Mweiga to teach the basic family seminar. We felt this was the foundation for future teachings to be expanded when we return. That took us to Sunday where we spoke in a church for 3 services. People accepted Jesus and many others rededicated their lives to Christ.

After one day off, we began the  4 days of seminars in Nyeri. It was so precious being with people we had worked with before. Their hearts were so open and appreciative. Again the Bibles were such a blessing as our interpreter pastor had been praying for an Amplified Bible for 2 years and had saved money to have someone buy him one from the U. S. but lost his money and didn’t get the Bible. Out of 15 Bibles given that day—you guessed it!
By lot and God’s plan, he received the Amplified Bible with joy unspeakable. By this time, our hearts were so humbled as we began seeing the dire needs of the people for Bibles and for teaching of the Word. We taught from  9am to 4 or 5pm with the people wanting more. We could see the desperation in the lives of these Christians and their desire to do something about their situations. We believe God sent His Word to heal them. Psalm 107:20a “He sent forth His Word and healed them;”


After traveling 8 hours to Eldoret we rested what was left of the day. We stayed in a national hotel which was very simple but adequate. The committee of pastors had done an excellent job of organization. They had a breakfast for the pastor’s association and key denominational leaders to introduce the ministry. The unity was good and the work of bringing in 113 pastors and wives from as many as 200 kilometers was quite a task. For 2 days we taught the basic family seminar and then taught just pastors and wives the last day.

During these days we were privileged to have a 30 minute program on their Christian TV and 3 hours on their Christian radio station which reaches over 2 million listeners, the only stations in the North central area. The need for Bibles in this area was so great. We were told that to buy a Bible would cost what it takes to feed a family for a whole week and many cannot afford one. The pastors told us that in the rural and slum areas there was only 1 Bible for 10 Christians. Here we have 10 Bibles for every Christian. In Church when they read from the Bible the people would cluster around the nearest Bible. He said the people would just cling to any portion of the Scriptures they could get. Needless to say, that we left part of our hearts with these dear Christians.MOMBASA SEMINARS

The pastor coordinators of the seminars told us that a real spiritual breakthrough had occurred during these seminars. Both the attendance and response to the materials and teaching were overwhelmingly positive. Chloe and Terrill Mitchell from First Baptist Church of Clinton, Oklahoma were an added blessing to the people as they sang and taught God’s Word on the family. It was a special joy for us to work together with them. We were exhausted after teaching the other seminars with just the two of us. Here is a quote from Pastor Mirap Osao who served as one of our interpreters for the seminars. “I appreciate and share the great working, healing and restoration by the Lord through your teachings and the materials you have blessed us with. I got compelled to help a young couple in our church who had separated for more than 3 months. I had tried to help them but it was in vain since each of them was holding to their mother’s advice and directives in the name of respecting them. I called them together in the presence of the young man’s mother, I shared with them God’s plan for marriage. To be short after sharing with them teaching and Scriptures you have unveiled to us, they were more than willing to be reunited. That very night I prayed with them and their two children back in their own house, Hallelujah! Thank God I now have more than enough still to share with them and others to make families what God meant them to be. Praise, honor and glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

In each place they are already looking forward to future teaching and distributing more Bibles. It is our desire to take more pastor/teachers with us. We were humbled and blessed at how God impressed so many to be a part of this ministry in different ways. God answered so many prayers for our health, physical strength, and protection. We could see where the Lord had gone before us and was with us in every decision. Our in country travel was probably the most dangerous that we have experienced. The roads were worse than ever before and we were caught in a fog with little visibility. There were wrecks all along the road. Our flight back to the U.S. was difficult and took 44 hours but God sustained us. We are now working on plans to go to Malawi and Mozambique in the fall. Enclosed is a slip giving the projected expenses. We are grateful to say that we were able to stay within our budget for this first trip which we can only say thanks be to God who led us each step of the way.

(One little bit of news about family—Rob resigned as basketball coach at Edmond Memorial and has been called to serve the Lord on staff at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. Duane’s mother just turned 92 this week and we are going to visit her in Memphis.)


Pray for the pastors that they would apply the teaching to their own lives and then multiply the teaching by taking it to their own churches and denominations.

Pray against the opposition they will have from tribal traditions and customs which conflict with the teachings of the Bible.

Pray also for the new believers who trusted Jesus as Savior.

Pray for those who received the Bibles that they would begin to read and understand God’s Word.

Pray for us as we continue to develop materials and communicate about future mission work.

Praise God for the Great work He has done in Kenya!




A. Z. Conrad said, “The Bible outlives, outloves, outlifts, outlasts, outreaches, outruns, and outranks all books.”

Luke 21:33 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my Words will never pass away.”

Joyfully Taking the Word to the World,
Deanna and Duane Hunt

Reaching the World with the Word