What Others Say

Comments from those the Lord has granted us the privilege of serving:

Ed Nerio- pastor in El Salvador says “Last and this year we have continued preaching the great its news Jesus our Lord. In many different places we have travel to Nicaragua, Guatemala and many parts of El Salvador preaching and teaching the God’s Plan for the Family, and we have seen the great response of the people coming to Christ, people fixing their life, couples getting married, other seeking counseling etc.”

Pastor Wachira Karani, Kenya
“Thanks Rev Duane, Deanna and all MINTOR blessers. MINTOR has given our Pastors stronger ministries thru, God,s Family Plan teachings. Our African wives and children are now receiving their rightful place in the society and have become more confident than ever before. Ooh what a great Godly transformation. What if we had at least just one hundred Duanes and Deannas on the face of the earth, our family dignity and right standing with God would easily be won back to humanity and some of the problems dogging mankind would be minimized if not eradicated for the root cause of most of the world’s troubles can be traced down to the family inequalities and imbalances. God bless Duane and Deanna and all MINTOR Associates for you have helped thousands of families and saved ministries.”

Pastor Mirap Osao, Pastoring in Mombasa, Kenya “I appreciate and share the great working, healing and restoration by the Lord through your teachings and the materials you have blessed us with. I got compelled to help a young couple in our church who had separated for more than 3 months. I had tried to help them but it was in vain since each of them was holding to their mother’s advice and directives in the name of respecting them. I called them together in the presence of the young man’s mother. I shared with them God’s plan for marriage. To be short after sharing with them teaching and Scriptures you have unveiled to us, they were more than willing to be reunited. That very night I prayed with them and their two children back in their own house. Hallelujah! Thank God I now have more than enough still to share with them and others to make families what God meant them to be. Praise, honor and glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Steven Mungai, Pastor of Dominion Chapel in Nyeri, Kenya. “I have attended many pastors’ seminars but this one was the best because it really applied to where we live. You have really challenged us!”

Pastor Wachera Karani, pastor and denominational leader at Kenya Assemblies of God. “Your teachings have opened our eyes to God’s Family Plan. These teachings as so timely as so many families are hurting. These seminars help us to build strong families which will build strong churches which will help our nation to be stronger. Your seminars in the Kabaru and Mwega areas were a great blessing to those people who rarely receive such seminars.”

Pastor M. Kariuki, Pastor of Huruma Baptist Church in Eldoret, Kenya. “The conference was very successful and everybody who attended was happy and blessed. Many of the participants are requesting that you must come back. One of the couples testified that the relationship in his home was healed through that seminar. Their marriage has been in problems for many years. Now they are praising God for the peace He has granted them. The seminar brought every strong harmony among the pastors and different churches. We have seen the hand of the Lord in this project you left in our hand of Bible distribution. The Bible League played a great role because they sold Bibles to us at low price together with study materials. All the churches thanked God for using you for the Bible donation. They also thanked you for coming and ministering to all of us. They thanked the MINTOR Ministry and its Board and they are praying for you. We have now finished distributing the Bibles (90 Bibles total) to 14 different churches. Personally, and some committee members visited each church and made sure that the Bible was given to the rightful person (those believers without a Bible). The pastors and members were happy and sent their greetings and gratitude to you.”

Pastor Bonface Simani, Pastor of Bread of Life Christian Ministries Church in Eldoret, Kenya. “Out of the Bishops who came, said, it is long since he received such teachings and would like you to come back again, but make the days a little bit more. He is very busy, but said when you came back again he will take a leave just to come and his wife to attend the seminar. The pastor from Kitale Western Part of Kenya said that if they knew how the meeting would be then they would have asked you to extend the day. They were very happy with the way the meetings was planned, time, food, accommodation, etc., and wished that we let them know in advance when you will be coming back. For the Eldoret pastors, they said that this is the meeting well planned and the only meeting that was able to gather over 400 pastors and Bishops. For my wife and me we were blessed with all the teachings of Victorious Pastoral Families and we really admired your lifestyle. Now as we speak my wife and I are living victorious life, which we practice every day. The Bibles will be distributed this Sunday 30th July, 2006, in 14 different churches.”

Youth and Music Minister in Nairobi, Bjorn Kamau. “It was a great testimony to see the Lord rewarding your labor through good attendance by the pastors all over Kenya. This is not common; again praise the Lord!!!! Also thank to God for the Bibles you presented to the pastors and believers. You met a great need as Bibles are too expensive for the common citizen in Kenya. No wonder few own Bibles they’ve bought with their own money.”

Pastor Boaz and wife, Elizabeth Mutekwa, pastor at Gospel Flames Church, Eldoret, Kenya. “We were very happy to have you in our town for a pastor conference, and you were really a blessing to us, especially for the family teachings that awakened our marriage and brought some light again in our family, we have been married for twelve years now. We were really grateful for the Bibles, and as you know if the pastors are in need of Bibles that way then you can imagine the situation in our small churches with members without Bibles especially in our church which is in slums and all the people is like they want you to do something after you have taught the word, give them something in terms of food or clothing, to afford the Bible is also hard for them. We gave gotten five Bibles in our church and may God bless you for thinking about us at this time.”


Rev. Andrew K. Kuria of Ebenezer Homes for the Destitute Ministry. “We have seen God through your ministry many people have been calling me to tell me the way they were blessed with your teachings, many of them are asking you to come back and have a good time with them. Do you know that the gift you gave of the Bible, I gave it to one of the pastors from Laikipia District because he had no Bible. Let me say that your ministry teachings together with Bible donations is so good.”

Pastor Joseph Kiloh from Elim Church Jomvu, Mombasa, Kenya. “I am one of the pastors who attended the leaders meeting you had in Mombasa and my family experienced a very great change in communication, budget, and other areas of our life.”

Rev. Simon Kiragu, pastor for Tumaini Baptist Church in Kitale, Kenya. “I and my wife Philomen, were very much blessed with your teachings and also the teaching materials you gave us has blessed our church couples very much. I am the overseer of 15 churches in the District and I do go round to teach couples seminars, because all of those churches have couples. The couple’s seminar of 5/08/06 was very successful. The participants were more than two hundred couples. Your materials helped me very much. I taught the following subjects: a) Domestic violence in the family. b) Companionship in the family. c) Marriage units two (a man and a woman). All those subjects took me five hours. I also told them about you and your wife. How God is using you in a couples meetings. They were very much encouraged and they are also praying for you. If God wishes next year you come at Kitale.”

Rev. Reuben and Jane Langat from Nakuru, Kenya. “Just like in the Macedonian time, pastors and their wives in Africa are calling saying, “come teach”. They are saying come teach us the Word of God, come teach us how to be good leaders in God’s House, come bring unity among us, come help and show us how to minister to our own children. This is the call coming from us, and would you really come? Many servants of Christ are serving while limping, hurting, and they need someone to come alongside them to encourage in teaching and prayer. Pastors’ wives are going through so much as the expectations the congregations have of them are so great and many are under stress, would you come help? We were feeling that way until some few years ago, when Duane and Deanna walked to our door inviting us to attend a seminar for pastors and their wives. Words cannot express how we felt after the seminars, pastors and their wives were helped to work together as a team and pray for each other in the ministry put in their hands. There was a great revival among the pastors in the city and we saw each other as fellow soldiers serving our Master. As we fight against the principalities of darkness in Africa, soldiers need to be equipped and encouraged to do the fight. Once again would you hear the cry of the pastors and their wives, saying come help us?”

Mayaba Choongo from Zambia, Africa. “It was a blessing for me and the Zambian women to know Deanna Hunt. She spoke at our Wesleyan District Conference in Zimba, Zambia, Africa. I was the Wesleyan National leader for the women. Deanna spoke that first day on issues concerning women. One of the things she spoke on was rejection, abuse, etc. I listened carefully as she spoke, I was in tears myself, so were the women. I realized that some things are not exposed. I did not know that I myself needed some healing in my own life. I had felt so rejected and I knew I needed God to heal me completely in some area in my life. When Deanna called for an altar call, it was amazing to see almost every one crying, before the Lord as they walked to the altar. I have been since great respect for Deanna and her integrity. I was so amazed at her integrity and wisdom in the Lord.”

Rev. Wachira Karani, Nyeri, Kenya, East Africa. “The way the churches responded to your ministry was astounding, as well as encouraging, witnessing over 100 churches respond to your call for teachings and discipleship, was a great breakthrough both for us and your ministry. When you put all the leaders of different churches and denominations together, I did not know what you were up to but I realized later you were moving under the anointing and guidance of the Holy Spirit, for the impact your teachings had on our churches lives on. We are still harvesting. Some of the things that made your ministry unique is the closeness to the people, relevance, clarity of the materials you put into our hands and your care for everybody.”

Pastor’s wife, Margaret Wachira, Nyeri, Kenya, East Africa. “Never before had women received teachings that were relevant to their daily and domestic problems until when you came, when the over 2,000 women braved the night cold and darkness jammed in that hall and even some sitting at your very feet for there was no room to contain them. I glorified God, you have such a breakthrough with us here in Kenya like not any other person.”

Pastor Odongo Keronga, Arua, Uganda, Africa. “I really praise the Lord for having finally led you and Deanna to the Bible teaching ministry. That is the core need for most church leaders in this end. You, Deanna and others who sacrificed to reach this end left a very great impact as the Lord Almighty used you during the various teaching sessions in preparing the leadership in most churches in the region, during the short stay with us. Much as evangelism is very important, the churches too need leaders who are thoroughly trained and equipped for ministry. The challenges that we have in this area are that most churches are led by lay leaders because the leaders are unable to afford the cost of theological education. There is need for relevant leadership related Biblelical teaching materials for the purpose of training and equipping pastors/leaders in various church departments. Deanna would agree with me that her ministry with the women was more needed than time would allow her. Pastors wives were blessed, single women, professional women and church women leaders were all blessed. First of its kind ever held interdenominationally in this region. The ground is open for you and the incoming team here in Uganda, Southern Sudan and Northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.”

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